Imagine one or both sides of your OTP feel uncomfortable with public displays of affection so they end up accidentally being in a secret relationship but all of their friends totally see the chemistry between them and start plotting to get them together. This goes on for months until finally someone gets fed up and says “would you guys just kiss already?!?!” and then it finally comes out that they’ve been together all this time.

paranoid-polly asked:


How much I like it: actual cause of global warming | notp | don’t care | it’s okay | cute! | otp | MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN
"Their" song: I think “evol love” would fit! C:
Who does more housework: Birdbrain I think..he seems like a pretty tidy person.
What couple cosplay they should do: ..I have no Idea…
Who cried watching Toy Story 3: They both cry, but hide it! XD
Who hogs the blankets at night: Birdbrain..
What they fight about: Everything! XD
Who has more Facebook friends: Snaptrap, but just because he has more henchmen..
One headcanon about them: I can´t think of one right now…